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Providing professional, compassionate, and person centered care for over 40 years.


We offer personalized care for each individual and make sure they remain as independent as possible while getting the discreet support from our team. We make sure our team fits into the personalized routine of each resident we have. Discover the difference that personalized care can make in your loved one's life. Contact us today to learn more about our approach and how we can tailor our services to meet their unique needs.


We are focused on the care of people who are living with dementia. Our caring team of the professionals makes sure they get into the routine of residents and support them in all possible ways. We work with dementia care experts who focus on creating purposeful and meaningful activities to keep life interesting and fun for our residents. With a person-centered approach, we tailor our support to each resident.


We offer highly effective and tailored care support for residents with a range of mild, moderate or severe learning disabilities by means of our expert team of professionals. We provide our services for disabilities including autism, Asperger’s syndrome and sensory processing disorder. At Streatfield House, we priorities creating a home-like environment where residents feel a sense of belonging and can enjoy the company of family and friends.


We also offer respite care for all those individuals who want to stay with us for a short term basis. If someone needs extra support and care while recovering from an illness of operation we can help you. Respite care service can be utilized for months or few weeks too where we arrange a special career of someone who is unable to look after themselves a well-earned rest.

Our Facilities:

Among a reliable and friendly team of expert care providers we also offer a range of facilities for our residents, including:
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Learning Disability Care home in Hastings, East Sussex

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Judy Jeremy

Residence’s Mum – “A First Class Medal, for a First Class Home”

Jo Pearson

Residence’s Niece – “This is a special home with extra quality & Care”

Chris Farrell

Volunteer – “Magical Place”

Our Services

Get help from a caring and knowledgeable professional.


We provide expert tailored care and support for people with a range of mild, moderate or severe learning disabilities including autism, Asperger’s syndrome and sensory processing disorder.


We have all of the comforts you would expect, with the small personal touches that make a real difference.


We provide dedicated care for people living with dementia and associated conditions.

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Whether it's senior care services or any form of quality care, these testimonials tell the story of our premium client service.

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Always grateful

My mum went into the Streatfield House. They have the best residential care one can imagine as my mother suffers from severe dementia and I found these people best and most welcoming. Staff is friendly and care is exceptional. We love you! Keep up the good work!

Elaine R


Thank you!

My Grandpa was suffering from dementia and we had to put him in the Streatfield house a few years ago. I must say we are happy with the care they provide. He seems to be happy and relaxed in this residential care house. I feel less worried now!

Raymond G.


Efficient collaborating

My Mum had a learning disability and we could not take of her anymore. We selected the Streatfield House and we are happy with our decision as this place is no doubt the best. They have the best staff one can ask for. The super-efficient and the collaborative team they have. They take care of my mum as their own.

David F.


Friendly staff

My father is suffering from severe dementia for the past several years and I shifted him here. I must say I was not sure about it first but as I have to go to work, I needed someone to take care of him all the time. Streatfield is the best place for people with dementia. They have a great staff and the most effective solutions for dementia patients. I am less worried about my father now as he is in good hands.

Ben R.


Professional team

I am sure the care team is the one that makes a difference for patients with disabilities. My Mum is in the Streatfield House and I found their team to be the very best. They have a highly effective and professional team. I always found them welcoming and polite while being so helpful and caring around residents. My Mum is happy here which makes me happy too.

Ann G