How Streatfeild House Protect Residents and Staff From COVID- 19

In a world where everyone is already at the risk of catching a deadly virus, adult Brits can take a breath of relief.

Streatfeild House comes up to make lives much easy in the United Kingdom. Even though the spread of coronavirus has made life like a hell for people of all ages, Streatfeild House enables vulnerable adults to deal with the traumatizing situation with relative ease.

Coming up as an ideal among the Hastings based care home, Streatfeild has managed to keep the residents and staff safe inside the walls. However, it has helped people to keep their minds at peace. The social isolation never sounds like a compulsion for people at Streatfeild House, as the professionals are proactively working to turn this stress-inducing time into fun.

Even if there are all the restrictions to prevent COVID-19 from spreading, the Care home facilitates people with all the necessities to survive the dire situation in a blissful manner. Well, everything is elaborated here on how Streatfeild protected residents and staff from the spread of coronavirus outbreak.

Lockdown Nursing Home Earlier Before It Is Officially Announced

The management at Streatfeild understand everybody needs care whether he or she is at risk of loneliness or physical vulnerability. They closed the home for visitors and externals right before 2 weeks when the government announced. After all, care for all is foremost. The care home with its focus on following the preventive measures has managed to keep the adults safe against the virus.

Elderly Care is Necessary and Fun is Paramount

Since people were not quite sure what could be the preventive measures, Streatfeild has made it done before it said. The care home does not only aim at the protection against COVID-19 but also brings regular indoor activities to keep people occupied and stress-free. Even those with chronic medical conditions, it has somehow managed to keep people safe and entertained at all times. After all, Streatfeild is much more than that of physical care only. We strive to keep people at our care home relaxed and away from mental stress to ensure better management for them.

Stress reduction, keeping people connected with their loved ones, bringing fun activities on regular basis to make the most out of the social isolation period, and normalizing emotional symptoms are some of the core points we never lose aim at.

Weekly Deep Cleaning for Better Management

Streatfeild ensures much has been done to prevent viruses from spreading. Despite the regular sanitization, it does weekly deep cleaning to keep the risk of spreading virus zero. Fortunately, our goal of keeping the lives saved is attained. Our professionals do fog cleaning every week to kill 99.99% of all viruses.

Final Thought

We understand the pain of being separated from loved ones and make every possible effort to ensure that this separation is never painful for you. This is why we have made it a point to knock down the barriers before the government applied to care. Our intention behind bringing up regular fun activities is quality care, not the profit. Moreover, weekly deep cleaning has helped us to bring a smile to everyone’s face even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, transparency and special support are two of our principles that we follow here at Streatfeild House.

We strive to bring the best out of the circumstances and this is why we feel the pride in offering the best care in the incredibly challenging situations. This is what we all do to keep residents and staff safe and happy during the pandemic like COVID-19.

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Summer Fun at Streatfeild House

Streatfeild House has hosted another fun filled Summer fair.

Another successful summer fair at Streatfeild House!  On the 9th of August, 2019 the staff and residents of Streatfeild House ( a residential home for people with learning disabilities or dementia)  hosted another fun filled Summer fair.  Designed to encourage its’ residents and their families to participate and enjoy some quality time together, the event proved to be exceptionally good fun for everyone involved.

Despite a gloomy start to the day, the weather brightened up and helped deliver a cheerful celebration.   There was great food, drink, games and company with all generations represented. Decorations were fantastically created by Balloon Boutique of London who supplied unique tropical/summer themed décor that made visitors feel as if they had been transported on holiday.  Residents stated that the decoration “really made this the best summer fair ever.”

Summer Fun

Photo with Hastings Mayor Nigel Sinden

Our chief guest Mayor Nigel Sinden, the honourable Mayor of Hastings took the time to attend the fair and meet all of the residents and staff.  He also handed out medals and certificates to each resident, congratulating them for the part that they had played in putting the event together and for their successes over the past year. They were all extremely grateful for the time that he spent with them and continue to wear their medals almost a week after the event.  Mayor Sinden only had lovely things to say about Streatfeild House and said he would be elated to return again .

Summer Deco

Drinks Table

Streatfeild House was recently purchased by the London based company LWT Health Care, and this event was a great opportunity for families to see all the positive changes that had been made by them.  With a brand new interactive projector, mobile video conferencing and new display screens, LWT is really making their mark in St Leonard’s on Sea.  When asked why this London based company ventured outside of London to purchase a care home, Mr Thomas (managing director of Streatfeild House) stated it was because of the wonderfully dedicated staff.  Mr Thomas said, “The effort and generosity the staff put into hosting this event was a prime example of their dedication to the residents’ happiness!   We couldn’t be happier with our team especially our managerial staff: Emma & Charli Benfield!”

Streatfeild House’s next celebration will be near Christmas, so watch this space and don’t miss out.

– by Dr Anne Thomas

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