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Streatfeild House is a family owned, 22 bed residential care home that is managed by LWT Health Care Limited.  Situated in a residential area in the sea-side town of St. Leonard’s on Sea, Streatfeild House has good transport links to Hastings town centre and other popular local venues.   The home has been providing care and support for adults with learning disabilities and or dementia for over 38 years.

Streatfeild House is led by an expert management team consisting of a manager, deputy manager and supportive providers.  Together, we endeavour to create a warm and welcoming care home where our residents receive the kind of high-quality and personalised care that would be fit for each individual. We consider our staff to be the backbone of the home and we pride ourselves on having an outstanding, kind and exceptionally hardworking team.  We run a 24hour service that ensures residents are safe, secure and cared for at all times.  Together, our team works incredibly hard to achieve excellence in all areas and to comply with fundamental standards.  We are a united workforce, who are whole-heartedly devoted to go above and beyond our normal duty of care to ensure your loved ones are comfortable, happy and living life with dignity.

Ultimately, Streatfeild house provides high quality residential care in a homely environment for those who require support and accommodation.

1. Our Aim

We strive to provide an outstanding service that meets the individual needs of those entrusted to our care.  We believe relationships are fundamental to our ongoing success, as we take pride in getting to know our residents, their loved ones and our team members. By embracing our mission and core values we will enable them the extraordinary people living in our homes to live full and rewarding lives.

2. Our Mission

Care Mission

To provide high quality, personalised care for each resident by empowering them to express their individual wishes and desires.

Team Mission

To ensure that our workforce is filled with cheerful, responsive and skilled professionals who will strive to meet the needs and wishes of those they care for.

Provider Mission

To be a innovative & committed provider who continually endeavours to provide its residents with the best quality of life possible.

Family Mission

To make Streatfeild House feel like a home so that it provides a sense of family for each resident and their families in their own unique way. We hope that with our assistance residents will create a rich family and community life.

3. Our Values


Uphold each individual’s privacy so they may have undisturbed independent time when they wish.


Treat each individual honourably and without undermining them in order to maintain their dignity.


Treat people with the respect that we would like to be treated with.  Ensure an inclusive and enjoyable environment.


Embrace differences between one another, and respect an individual’s desires and wishes.


Where independence can be exercised encourage residents to act for themselves where capacity permits.


Provide the correct help and support to empower residents to express their own desires and wishes.


Create an environment where all staff and residents feel safe and secure.


Work with others who promote our values and mission to achieve shared goals.


We encourage friends and relatives to spend time with residents and to join in our community activities.

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Our goal is to provide a superior living experience

Our goal is to provide a warm and friendly home environment for all our residents. We make sure our care is tailored to every individual’s unique needs.

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Charli Benfield

Abbie Thomas
Deputy Manager

Working for 10 years at Streatfeild House

Dr.Anne Thomas
Clinical Lead

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Emma Benfield

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Fast service

Our services are fast and reliable. You can always count on us as we are efficient in what we do.

Expert team

We employ a highly trained and expert professional with years of experience in care provision.

Affordable prices

We only offer a cost-effect solution for our services while being the market best in care provision.

Award winning

We have not only nearly 40 years of experience but we also acquired many prestigious awards for our services.

Modern technology

We make use of modern technology in the best possible way to provide our residents with the highest quality residential care.

Always open

We are always open. You can get to us any time 24/7. Our professional’s team is always happy to help.